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Our History

The International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching Group was formed in 1987. The group stages biennial international conferences.  The official research journal for IHPST is Science & Education.  Thematic issues devoted to ‘History, Philosophy and Science Teaching' as well as scholarly anthologies based on journal contributions and conference presentations are periodically published.

Group Aims


The group is concerned to promote the betterment of school and university science and mathematics education by making them informed by the history, philosophy, and sociology of science and mathematics. It has a particular interest in bringing these spheres of knowledge into teacher-education programmes.

The group through its activities promotes:

  • The utilization of historical, philosophical, and sociological scholarship to clarify and deal with the many curriculum, pedagogical and theoretical issues facing contemporary science education.

  • Collaboration between the communities of scientists, mathematicians, historians, philosophers, cognitive psychologists, sociologists, and science educators, and school and college teachers.

  • The inclusion of appropriate history, philosophy, and sociology of science courses in science teacher-education programmes.

  • The dissemination of accounts of lessons, units of work, and programmes in science, at all levels, that have successfully utilized history, philosophy, and sociology.

  • Discussion of the philosophy and purposes of science education, and their place in, and contribution to, the intellectual and ethical development of individuals and cultures.


 IHPST Council Members


The following members will serve through the 2019 biennial conference.

Pierre Boulos


Andreia Guerra
Zoubeida Dagher
Ami Friedman  
Lori Maramante 
 Directors [2]
Lena Hansson 
Ricardo Karam 
 Student Member
Anna Leci  
 Teacher Member
Garrett Hall
 Conference Chair
Fanny Seroglou
 Past Conference Chair
Gultekin Cakmakci 
M. Fatih Tasar 

 Nominating Committee [4]     

Elizabeth Cavicchi 

Ana Coulo
Isha DeCoito
Arne Dittmer



Group Aims


Group Aims

Group Aims