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 Welcome to official website of the International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching (IHPST) Group.  We are a diverse group of historians, philosophers, science educators, practicing k-12 teachers, and graduate students who thrive in rich discourse with one another.  The official journal of our organization is Science & Education published by Springer.


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Call for Editor of Science & Education
May 6, 2024

The International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching Group (IHPST) invites applications for the position of Editor of the journal Science & Education. The position of Editor will begin a five-year term on January 1, 2025. The selected editor will receive a contract with Springer that includes an annual editorial budget and will negotiate the terms of this contract directly with the publisher.

Interested persons/teams are encouraged to send questions about the role of the editor-in-chief position to the current Editor, Sibel Erduran ( and/or Science & Education’s Advisory Board Chair, Andreia Guerra (



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